Kamara – Accra – Sex educator

Kamara Sexualkundelehrer

I am Kamaradini Osmanu Narwortey and I´m 26 years old.
When I was young, I wanted to become a football star or join the military. Football is still my passion, but for a profession, I diverted to a whole different direction.
I am from Tuba, a small Muslim community in Accra. Until I was 18 years old, Tuba had only one school, and many of the children were not able to attend it. But then, a new school was built and I decided to work as a teacher. At that time there was only little money for schools, my monthly salary was only 30 GH₵. But that was not important to me, because I mainly wanted to help the people in my community. I actually taught all subjects from grades 1 to 8 for a time of seven years.

In September 2012, the headmaster addressed the teaching staff to tell us about a Ghanaian-German NGO, which taught sex-education in Ghana and which wanted to come also to our community. From the first moment, I was excited because I knew how important this issue is for the Ghanaian society. Very few parents here talk openly to their children about issues such as sexuality. However, many young people are sexually active without having the knowledge of what they do. Mostly, they can’t even ask questions because the topic of sex is still a taboo.

Kamara Sexualkundelehrer
The day when the NGO “Boa Nnipa” came to us to introduce itself at the Parents-Teachers-Association´s (P.T.A) meeting, I offered to translate for them because in Tuba only a few people speak English. Boa Nnipa is Twi and means “help the people”.
After the introduction, I talked a bit more to the people of Boa Nnipa. And then everything happened very quickly. A short time later, I attended one of their seminars and was trained as a sex education teacher. Since October 2012, I teach around 300 Children every week about the topics such as “anatomy of sex organs”, “puberty”, precaution and sexual rights.

The last is the most important issue in my opinion. Hardly any of the children that I teach had ever heard of it. And this has serious consequences in practice. Sexual abuse is a major problem in Ghana. The young people do not know that it is for them to decide when and with whom they want to have sex, and do not know that they can say no, and that they should talk with someone about it if something happens to them.
For many of them, it is understood that the man marries a woman to have sex with her and he therefore has the right to force her to have sex with him if he wants to. We are the first to tell them that forced sex in marriage is abuse and rape.

I think sex education is also important in Germany. But there, it is surely easier for the teachers because there is a broader awareness of the importance of the issue and also, because the parents talk openly with their children and, thus, already create a basic knowledge.
Every time I see the astonished faces of the children, I get newly motivated, because it shows me the importance of what we achieve. At my old school, children no longer call me Kamara. In Tuba I am just “Boa Nnipa”.


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