Introducing: 16 stories about sexual rights – now online!

Sexual Rights: For all of us they form an indispensable basis for an independent life.

However many people cannot imagine what it means if these Rights are restricted. Since their ensuring appears to us as something so taken for granted, many do not even know that they exist.


In the summer 2013, in a period of 3 month I created the exhibition “16 stories about sexual rights”.  It presents 16 people – 8 from Ghana and 8 from Germany – and the stories they have to tell, which are all in some way related to the topic of sexual rights.

In the next year we will frequently upload some of the photos and stories of the exhibition to reach more people in order to create awareness on the diverse ways in which sexual rights affect our lifes and to make visible and accknowledge the work of those who make sure that those rights are guaranteed-for everybody!

With the help and support of many friends and partners the exhibition has developed in a way I never could have imagined : The Boa Nnipa team in Ghana uses the exhibition to tour rural areas and to educate people with the method of interactive theatre on sexual rights topics, to encourage them to find sustainable solutions for the current problems themselves. The exhibition in Ghana has been supported by the Goethe Institute

In Germany we use the exhibition to educate students not only on sexual rights but also to question certain sterotypes concerning africa and to discuss not only differences but especially similarities between the two cultures and try to encourage them to engage themselves socially on an international level.

The problems in connection with this subject ,may it be STDs or unwanted teenage pregnancies, are all too often associated with countries of the global South, while the solutions are presumed to be more likely in the countries of the North.
From the outset, the basic idea of the exhibition was to deconstruct these stereotypes by showing that the lack of ensuring sexual rights is a global problem, and that the great potential of both societies, the German and Ghanaian society lies within those humans that have identified the issues and fight to ensure that these human rights are guaranteed everywhere, and for everybody.
The people I’ve met in both countries have confirmed to me through their commitment and the work they are doing in this assumption, and given me new strength for the sex education project of Boa Nnipa.

Again I would hereby like to thank all the models and all the supporters who made the project possible in the first place, that enriched me with their impressive life stories, helped me to further question my own thoughts critically, and enlightened me again and again.

I hope you will feel the same.

– Carla


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