A letter of Appreciation

Facing the winter break, it is time to look back on some challenging, work-intensive but nevertheless awesome three months of working with and for EBAN here in Ghana.
This week our teachers went to their last classes before the exam-time begins and the students go on their Christmas- and new-years-holiday. So far we have reached out to more than 2000 students and spread our knowledge and values among them.
In two one-week seminars we trained our four teachers as well as at least five multipliers and contact persons on the matter of sexuality and sexual education. We held our first workshop for school-teachers, formed co-operations and, together with our teachers and supporters, developed new ideas and plans to spread our knowledge not only in day-schools, but also within boarding-schools and church-groups as a part of adult education.

All in all, I would say that we have accomplished what we had planned for


and that looking back, we can be proud of what we have achieved as a team, the development each and everyone of us has gone through and of how we have grown together.
Still, from January onwards, we will have to make some changes and improvements concerning our content as well as our structural work. On this note we’ll talk some other time though.
It is also time to cherish the work our colleagues are doing back in Germany to keep our project going and to improve Boa Nnipa as a whole.
Our team around Antonia, Nina and Matthias is – excuse my language – working their asses off to keep us going, to make us greater. And we are damn happy and even more proud to have them in our midst and about the awesome work they pull up beside jobs, university studies and the little time they have left for their private lives!


Lately, our team in Germany has gathered more people who support us with their knowledge, their skills and their time. We have designers, helping us with new flyers, info-sheets and appreciation cards for supporters, we have people taking care of our website and our various internet-platforms, nurses, assisting us with regards to content and many other people supporting us with all the “little” things.
While we are spreading our knowledge and values over here, Antonia, Nina and Matthias are working to improve Boa Nnipa’s structure and efficiency, raise funds as well as awareness and share our ideas with like-minded people.
For the past two months and the upcoming months until the end of February 2013, they have been (and will be) participating in a program called ‘start social’. This program, under the patronage of 148458_432884870104649_427484540_nGerman chancellor Angela Merkel, supports young project-makers, NGO’s and socially engaged people to improve and professionalize their work by providing them with a team of professionals who voluntarily counsel those social projects.
As we wanted, our coaches Maria and Arno are especially helping us to improve our fund raising skills, but they also help us to improve our structure and working efficiency in general. In weekly meetings the five of them work on the challenges we face. Antonia, Nina and Matthias are loaded with tasks they have to work on and complete until the following week. So far they have already improved our working structure in Germany as well as in Ghana, have made aim-oriented plans for the future and held a presentation in front of other ‘start-social’ participants.

I’d like to end with a word to our German team:
We are truly excited to see what else you are going to do and achieve and we look forward to learn from you when we are back. And I can’t say it enough, even if you don’t want to hear it, we don’t take what you do for granted, we couldn’t imagine anyone better for the job you do and we can’t wait to have you here to finally show you what we and what you are doing all this for!

– Ragna

P.S.: We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
And oh, we finally did get our passports back and we are allowed to stay – as volunteers! 🙂


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