Long time no see…

We’re closing in on the end of week three since the official start of our sexual education project EBAN. It’s been an exhausting couple of weeks with lots of fun, some frustration, laughter and A LOT of sweat. So far we have been able to reach out to more than 1100 pupils. With dignity and little pride I now present to you some insights into the work of our beloved teachers.

One thing of great value for our work is the right atmosphere. We pride ourselves in creating an environment in which questions can be asked freely with no restrains or any double thoughts. Our teachers successfully picked up that mentality, courtesy of the very personal contributions by many pupils and the many funny moments we encountered.

Cliff for example likes to think of himself as an older brother, who shares some of his experiences and knowledge with younger ones.

Kamara jumps up and down, climbs chairs and sometimes even threatens to demonstrate the correct use of a condom on himself.
I really think we’ve been successful in making pupils understand that this is not about random knowledge they need to learn in order to pass the next exam, but solely about them and their very lives.

The teachers actively participate pupils by encouraging them to try things out and assist when ever the need is apparent. The intention behind this is to dissolve fear and overblown respect for condoms, the pill, sanitary pads and other items associated with sexuality. Those things should come naturally.

We were able to see how well the information and general message provided by our seminar have stuck with our teachers. They do a pretty good job of bringing across the various information in an interesting and educative way. However, each one of them has a special topic on which he or she likes to emphasis on and an individual way of doing so. They created their own style, their own analogies and their own language, thus making it  not only interesting for their listener, but also for themselves.

The „Charter on Sexual and Reproductive Rights“ forms the manifestation of our approach to sexuality and of course the way we go about sexual education. It practically hovers above everything we do in EBAN.
During the seminar our teachers found a catch phrase that has become some kind of mantra ever since: Freedom of choice.

I’d like to officially welcome our new companions Evelyn, Kamara, Cliff and Nico on this journey. It’s been fun so far, but there is still a very steep path ahead of us.

We’re getting there….



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