The wall

There is nothing like leaving the plain after an exhausting ten-hour flight.
Then comes the wall. A wall of pressing closeness. That muggy air that makes you understand: I’M BACK.
All anxiety makes way for genuine excitement. Joy.
You start to think about all the adventures ahead of you. You reminisce about all the adventures long gone….

Not this time, though!
This time was different all together. My two companions (Ragna & Carla) and I had that same weird feeling. It was a feeling very similar to arriving at your home airport after a long trip out. A weird mixture of familiarity and excitement. Not to say we are not excited about Ghana our friends and family, the food and the many new faces we will meet. But with finally arriving here – at the point, which we have been working for the last 10 months – I realize that there’s a new focal point. We are not there solely for our selves; not here to consume but to create; not here to experience joy, but to initiate it.

I guess it took the wall to make me really understand.

– Jeff



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