Project preparation

Yesterday was a great day for us. It was the official start of our project work – well, at least the official start of our project preparation. We had a meeting with Muda, Ayuba, Niva and two of their social workers from Nima e.V.. Their school (One Love School), orphanage and Kindergarten are based in Tuba, a community just outside of Accra.
Over the last couple of years Muda and his team have really gone a long way improving the conditions and education of the children and teenagers of Tuba. Faced with a lot of adversity he and his social workers have managed to earn trust within the people of Tuba and feel like they’re ready to address a certain issue: sexual education.

Our friend Niva, who is a „Weltwärts“-Alumni just like Carla and Ragna, arranged a get-together with her friends and colleagues. We had fruitful discussions about the importance of sexual education, the acceptance among people and experiences that related to this topic. Though our views on sexuality as a means of self-determination may differ, I’m convinced that this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

As a result of our meeting we are fortunate enough to cooperate with Nima e.V. and launch EBAN at One Love School school. Not only will we be able to transfer knowledge, thus train possible multipliers, but this will also give us the opportunity to make our first steps with the helping hand of people that know their way around this specific area.

I’m excited.

– Jeff


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