The last days in Berlin

From now on you will constantly find posts about Boa Nnipa’s processes from both Berlin and especially Ghana. Equipped with a new camera I will try to give you as many good impressions of our project as possible – the people we are working with, the children we are educating, the places we are visiting and the daily Ghanaian life.

There are just 8 days left for Ragna, Jeff and me (Carla) to set out for Ghana to start EBAN, our first project. For more Information on BoaNnipa, the Team and our Project EBAN check out our

It’s the day of the last team meeting. The important documents were already handed over to Nina and Antonia who are going to stay in Berlin to represent Boa Nnipa over here.

Right now we’re into some group work, writing the new Newsletter, refining the letters for possible sponsors and settling a preliminary To-Do list for the next 7 months in Berlin and Accra.

My mind is already in Ghana, though. The people I said goodbye to used to ask me whether I am anxious or afraid of going to Ghana for such a long period. Since I already stayed in Ghana for one year and really enjoyed the time, I have no reason to be afraid. And somehow anxiety doesn’t explain the feeling, either.

Actually I am really excited about going back, although I’m quite sure that I won’t realize being back, before I smell the Ghanaian air while leaving the plane, hugging my friends or eating the first Ghanaian orange.

The challenges we’re facing with EBAN, the people, the food, the sun, the new form of self-reliance and hopefully, at the end of our stay, also the feeling to have changed something. Those are the things I’m really looking forward to.

All the pending things that still have to be done before our departure seem to be nothing but ballast, cause they’re distracting me from fully concentrating on the coming seven month.

If it was for me, we could leave right now.

But picking up the visa from the embassy, shopping the last presents for my Ghanaian friends, and -most important- another last sexual education seminar with Daniela from Balance are things that need to be dealt with .
Next time you’ll hear from us we’ll probably already be in Ghana. So stay connected!

– Carla


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